Did you ever have your windshield sprinkled with water while driving down the road, due to the vehicle in front of you running its automatic windshield washer, therefore, causing you to have to run your auto washer?

Or, do you ever yawn when someone else yawns?

It’s all about cause and effect or chain reactions.

So! Let’s start a SMILE REACTION! I’m starting a SMILE REACTION campaign!

Whenever I’m out and about in public, or walking in the halls at work, I play a little game.
As someone approaches me, I turn up the corners of my mouth, show a little teeth, look them in the eye and SMILE.

If I get a smile in return, I give myself one point!
If I get a smile and a verbal response, I give myself two points!

What’s the point? I cause many people to pick up their heads when they are walking around, looking at the ground. This is a wonderful thing! I also pick up my spirit, and hopefully theirs! (It's especially helpful when, you've earned a lot of points and you get to redeem them when you are having a bad day, and someone returns the favor by giving you a big smile or note of encouragement!)

I was talking to a woman in the dairy section of my grocery store last evening. After I opened a conversation with her upon hearing her ‘accent (she was commenting about the expiration dates on items, I found out she was from the mid-west), I told her about my SMILE game. After I had given her my LAFOLOT business card and started to talk about the need for laughter, she shared how much this was needed. Just then, a woman was coming towards us with her cart. I said, watch this, I’ll prove my point. I turned my head from the woman I was talking to, to the woman coming towards us and I turned up the corners of my mouth in a closed-mouth smile. The woman instantly responded with the same smile and kept on with her cart. I turned my head back towards the woman I had been talking to, raised my eyebrows and gave her a nod. (See! I indicated.) She was impressed. It works!

Just like windshield washing chain reactions or like yawning epidemics, you can start a smiling chain reaction! What will you do with YOUR points! ;o)

Ha Ha Helen…in motion…. ;o)